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Our dental practice philosophy is centered on creating a high standard of dental care that is innovative, gentle, and efficient. At Hornsby Dental Care, we are equipped with the technology to provide a welcoming experience for patients.

We work with the utmost diligence to ensure our patients have access to the highest quality of cosmetic dental care.

There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening (Zoom), bonded restorations, white fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges that can improve aesthetics significantly and give you a natural- looking, attractive smile.

We work closely with a very talented North Shore ceramist who precisely constructs our ceramics in the laboratory. Dr. Rabeeh does not advise same appointment porcelain work as the fast, machine made porcelain will not have the precise, ideal margins and there will be a gap which may later make your tooth be more sensitive and can increase the risk of future need of root canal treatment.

Dr. Rabeeh you dentist in Hornsby advises patients to try and choose the more conservative possible option that will allow them to transform their smile without removing much tooth structure.

A severely damaged or decayed tooth may create cosmetic imperfections, become a source of sensitivity, or lead to significant pain. Porcelain crowns are designed to reinforce and restore the structural integrity of a tooth, while preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. With this procedure, Hornsby Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Rabeeh can often prevent the need for a tooth extraction. When a root canal is necessary to improve the health of the tooth, a porcelain crown can be used to strengthen the tooth structure, while also rejuvenating its appearance. A porcelain crown may be the ideal solution for patients who seek to restore both the function and aesthetics of a damaged or decayed tooth.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns:

A porcelain crown offers the dual advantages of supporting a compromised tooth and enhancing the beauty of the smile. Additional benefits of quality porcelain dental crowns can include:
– Improved structural integrity, strength, and durability
– Protection from further damage or decay
– Restored shape
– Improved cosmetic appearance
– Natural looking results

Porcelain Crowns Procedure:

During the consultation process, Dr. Rabeeh will perform an oral examination, review your goals, and determine if a porcelain crown is best suited for your unique situation. Each porcelain crown is custom-made to deliver maximum function, an optimal appearance, and comfort. (unlike the machine made in- office crowns, a lab made crown has better marginal adaptation with the tooth and will last longer). After creating a mould of the affected tooth, Dr. Rabeeh will order your custom crown from a dental restoration laboratory. The colour of the crown can be made to match the shade of your surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. When she receives the crown from the lab, you will return to our office where Dr. Rabeeh can cement the final crown into place. Once the crown is bonded to the affected tooth, the form and function of the tooth will be fully restored.

Dental bonding is the application of a strong, natural-looking resin onto the surface of damaged teeth. Whether your teeth are stained, cracked or mildly misaligned, cosmetic dental bonding can often be used to quickly restore a beautiful smile. The bonding materials act as a replacement for missing enamel and dentin, providing durable protection and enhancement for your teeth. Our cosmetic Hornsby Dental Care dentist, Dr. Rabeeh, matches the composite resin to the rest of your teeth to seamlessly blend in and cover any imperfections. Before you know it, you can have the smile you’ve been waiting for!

The Benefits of Dental Bonding:

If you’re looking for a quick yet effective fix for minor dental problems, consider the benefits of dental bonding:
– Corrects small cracks and chips
– Improves alignment and spacing issues
– Hides stains or discoloration
– Blends with the rest of your teeth
– Strengthens teeth
– Provides quick results

The procedure is an extremely versatile solution for improving the look of your smile. In your initial dental exam, Dr. Rabeeh will highlight how the dental bonding procedure can achieve your goals.

The Dental Bonding Procedure:

Once an approach is established for reaching your desired results, Dr. Rabeeh will begin the procedure. The surface of your damaged teeth are first prepared with a solution, creating an area ideal for bonding. After the material is colour blended to match the rest of your teeth, she layers and sculpts it on the prepared teeth. Once in place, the resin is hardened under a special light for lasting results. Finally, Dr. Rabeeh buffs the dental bonding material to reveal a shining, natural-looking new smile.

When you visit us ask about the alternative, conservative options and find out what is the most effective way to transform dull, cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth into a pleasing, unforgettable smile.

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