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Our practice philosophy is centered on creating a high standard of dental care that is innovative, gentle, and efficient. We are equipped with the technology to provide a welcoming experience for patients.

We work with the utmost diligence to ensure our patients have access to the highest quality of cosmetic dental care.

There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as porcelain veneers, bonded restorations, white fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges that can improve aesthetics significantly and give you a natural- looking, attractive smile.

We work closely with a very talented North Shore ceramist who precisely constructs our ceramics in the laboratory. We do not advise same appointment porcelain work as the fast, machine made porcelain will not have the precise, ideal margins and there will be a gap which may later make your tooth be more sensitive and can increase the risk of future need of root canal treatment.

We advise patients to try and choose the more conservative possible option that will allow them to transform their smile without removing much tooth structure.

When you visit us ask about the alternative, conservative options and find out what is the most effective way to transform dull, cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth into a pleasing, unforgettable smile.

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