Practice Information

Practice Accreditation

Hornsby Dental Care is accredited according to The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards and is one of a few accredited dental practices in NSW.

Accreditation provides our patients with the assurance that they receive a consistently high level of safe and quality care. Our practice systematically reviews its systems and processes to ensure the best quality care.


Hornsby Dental Care complies with standards and exceeds the legal requirements. All sterilisable instruments are cleaned and then sterilized in autoclaves which are maintained regularly by qualified technicians. Clinical instruments are wrapped, sealed and stored according to Australian standards, until use.

We also incorporate batch control identification, for all procedures. This allows us to track instruments back to a specific patient, should the need arise. The sterilization process is tested, monitored and recorded daily.

Radiology (X-Rays)

We have our own in-surgery digital X-Ray machine. Digital X-ray is much quicker and safer for patients as the amount of radiation is far less than conventional films. Your comfort and safety is our priority.


We strive to keep our fees affordable, without compromising the quality of materials we use and the quality of care we provide to our patients. In fact surveys of Australian Dental Association show our fees to be at or below the national average and record the number of services per member as below the average.

Patient Privacy

At Hornsby Dental Care we respect your right to privacy. We realize that it is important that you understand the purpose for which we collect details about your health, as well as how this information is used at our practice and to whom this information is disclosed.


The policy of our practice is to follow these procedures:

– The information collected on your history form will be used for the purpose of providing treatment to you.
– We may disclose your health information to other health care professional, or require it from them if, in our judgement, that is necessary in the context of your treatment. In that event, the disclosure of your information will be minimized whenever possible.
– Your patient history, treatment record, x-rays and any other material relevant to your treatment will be kept here. If you want copies, a fee may apply.
– If any of the information we have about you is inaccurate, you may ask us to update/ alter the records accordingly.

You can otherwise rest assured that your health information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Disclosure will not be made to any person not involved in either your treatment or the administration of this practice.